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The Pinnacle Academy of Berea

Exciting things are happening at Berea Community Schools today we kicked off our new career pathways program with a showcase in the gym. The program is being referred to as "The Pinnacle Academy of Berea" at Berea Community High School. Today students had the opportunity to meet industry and business professionals within our own community as they shared their professional journeys, expertise, and advice with Berea Community High School students.

A strong partnership has developed between community leaders, business and industry professionals, colleges and universities, and Berea Community Schools creating win-win opportunities as well as internships, mentoring, certifications, and apprenticeships for our students.


Pinnacle Academy Opening Event


Welcome to The Pinnacle Academy!

The Pinnacle Academy of Berea is the official name for the career pathways program at Berea Community High School. The Pinnacle Academy will present amazing opportunities for our students including, but not limited to: internships and mentorships with local business/industry professionals and city officials; dual credit courses; industry certifications; and exploration of student interest areas with student-designed maker spaces.

The Pinnacle Academy also presents opportunities for faculty/staff to explore their passion areas and to seek additional micro-credentials that will allow them to teach subject areas within the scope of the established career pathways.

The Pinnacle Academy also connects Berea Community High School faculty with local business/industry and postsecondary professionals: to design curriculum; to prepare students for industry certifications; and to establish student mentorships and internships.

The goal of Pinnacle Academy and Berea Community Schools is to engage students in a creative and safe learning environment that will prepare them to be responsible citizens in diverse societies.




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