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Attendance and DPP Page

Kyle Smiling because he is happy and Safe!

Kyle French

Director of Pupil Personnel/Safety Coordinator

The mission of Berea Community Schools is to engage students, families and the community in creating a safe, innovative learning environment that nurtures, challenges and educates each student to be a  fulfilled, responsible citizen in a diverse society through continuous improvement in our work and a growth and equitable mindset. To prepare our students to be successful at the next level whether that be the next grade, college, a career, or the military and to set high expectations for academic excellence as well as behavior. We understand the many challenges students face today. However, student achievement must be sustainable, consistent and demonstrated by all students. Although the collective work of all members of our school community has given us great reason to celebrate, we remain committed to working diligently until every student has learned to the best of his or her potential.

The primary goal of the Director of Pupil Personnel is to create pathways to student success and remove barriers that may exist.  We know that all students will be successful when provided the proper support.  With the support services we currently have in place it is our mission to accomplish the following things: 

  • Increase communication between the schools and the families we serve
  • Help students and their families access the resources they need in order to succeed at a high level
  • Improve student attendance
  • Provide positive behavior supports for students in a consistent manner from the time they enter our school district to the time they leave our school district.
  • Give students and their families the information they need in order to live a healthier life
  • Help students make good decisions that will contribute to their overall health and wellness
  • Create safe, caring, and nurturing environment